Are you the 8% or the 92%…?

I was chatting with one of my employees the other day, and they mentioned that at a recent presentation by Lloyds Bank, they had said only 1 out of 12 business owners talk to their accountants – that’s just 8%!

Perhaps the reason for this could be they are concerned their accountants will charge them through the nose for the conversation.

Or, maybe that they don’t believe accountants have the expertise to assist business owners.

One of the reasons we’re leading accountants is that our clients can show tangible results from following our guidance.

Whether you need a quick chat about an issue with your accounts, VAT or payroll, or more strategic business advice, I am confident that we can assist you – and we would never dream of charging for a chat.

Please don’t be one of the 92% who’s afraid to phone.

Give us a call on 0182 933 2027 (Chester) or 0151 380 0138 (Liverpool) and ask away – or arrange for us to get together at a time and place that suits you.

If it’s here, we have biscuits – we’re all set for a stress-free chat!